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Gain a better understanding of your market and people

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Image of Experian AutoCheck page


We give you a clear market view with demographic, economic and vehicle statistics; enabling effective market assessment and planning.

Our data segmentation, analytics and software give you location specific insight about what's happening in an area and what's selling where.

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We appreciate the importance of managing your assets. That's why we're equipped to give you the most accurate details on your vehicle.

Our data keeps you in the know with accurate provenance valuations, mileage checks, owner details and information on specifications and parts.

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We provide insight into the preferences and behaviours of individuals and businesses. Understand your prospects’ and customers’ needs within the automotive market for maximised sales opportunities.

Our data and analytical tools give you effective marketing and credit risk capability.

New AutoCheck

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We have rebuilt AutoCheck to deliver data that helps clients to more effectively confirm a vehicles identity and provenance. This allows you to manage risk and maximise your understanding of any vehicle.

We surveyed the users of New AutoCheck and 98%* rated the data content as ‘Good’ or ‘Very Good’, and 96%* rated the layout and ease of use as ‘Good’ or ‘Very Good’.

*Source; Experian Survey of 5000 AutoCheck customers in January 2013

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Is your marketing data working hard enough?

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How can you sell more through your data?

The state of your data is vital to how your marketing performs. There are four simple steps to take, to make sure you contact the right people with the right offers, at the right time and to as many potential buyers as possible. Our checklist takes you through these steps.

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Get your free data audit to assess the health of your current database. Databases will continue to weaken over time - every day in the UK 1,600 people die, 18,000 people move house and 20,000 vehicles change hands. Receive your audit before the plate change to boost your sales and maximise your budget!

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